NEO is a sustainability developer with focus on renewable energy and conservation. The firm applies sustainable financing, engineering, construction, and operations in realizing new developments and retrofitting existing structures.  NEO takes a holistic approach to sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of the project; from the initial planning process, through architectural and engineering design, construction methods and materials, to operations and maintenance practices. Similarly, NEO follows comprehensive approach in retrofitting existing buildings through energy and water conservation, solar energy generation and energy storage, building envelop optimization, and green roofs and living walls.  

​NEO provides the following sustainability services:


Facility operations and maintenance (O&M) for solar energy systems, energy storage back batteries, electrical, and mechanical sub-systems.


Architectural and Engineering design services, including new construction, retrofitting, net zero sustainable buildings, and PV Solar.


Project management, owner representation, and construction services for commercial, industrial, and recreational buildings.  


Project development services, including project feasibility, economic impact, financial analysis, and project finance (PPA, tax equity, debt).